Industrial Electric Motor Repair

Electric Motor Stator Before Repair

Elec­tric Motor Sta­tor Before Repair…

A Plus Elec­tric Motor Repair, Inc. imple­ments a rig­or­ous and detailed ori­ent­ed inspec­tion and repair pro­ce­dure on all motors for repair. Our trained staff metic­u­lous­ly exam­ines each motor to pro­vide the high­est qual­i­ty repair need­ed to restore your motor to manufacturer’s specifications.

Our com­plete in-house motor restora­tion are war­rant­ed to be free from defect in work­man­ship and mate­ri­als under nor­mal con­di­tions for a peri­od of twelve months from date invoiced.

Ser­vice reports are avail­able upon request.

Our ser­vices include:

  • AC Motor Repair up to 300 hp
  • DC Motor Repair up to 300 hp
Electric Motor Stator After Repair

and after repair. Fix your motor!

All tests in our ser­vice includes:

  • Detailed doc­u­men­ta­tion of test­ing results
  • Arma­ture testing
  • Core Loss testing
  • Megohm test­ing
  • Surge test­ing
  • DC high­pot testing
  • Wind­ing resis­tance review and testing

We repair and remanufacture industrial AC and DC electric motors up to 250 hp.

Wind­ing, dynam­ic bal­anc­ing, machin­ing — every­thing in house! One year war­ran­ty. Free deliv­ery with­in 50 miles radius from Bloom­ing­dale, Illinois. 

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