Electric Motor Winding Service

A Plus Elec­tric Motor Repair’s in-house wind­ing ser­vices has been one of our main spe­cial­ties and has made us one of the top lead­ers of wind­ing repair in the industry.

Our com­pa­ny has the abil­i­ty to reverse engi­neer and reman­u­fac­ture all domes­tic and for­eign ser­vo and spin­dle wind­ing up to 300 hp (220 kW).

Our fast turn-around time for rewind com­ple­tion will give you the assur­ance you need with min­i­mal down­time which is our great­est advan­tage over the larg­er motor repair shops.

AC Spindle Rewind

In-house wind­ing com­plete with pre­mi­um Class H insu­la­tion and materials.

Winding Encapsulation

A Class H wind­ing encap­su­la­tion will pro­tect your wind­ing from severe envi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions. All molds are cre­at­ed in-house to ensure prop­er dimen­sion­al fit and care­ful­ly inspect­ed by the qual­i­fied repair technicians.

Servo Motor Rewind

Ser­vo motor rewind for for­eign and domes­tics all man­u­fac­tur­ers. Our tech­ni­cians have the abil­i­ty to reverse engi­neer the major­i­ty of all manufacturers.

Clutch and Brake Repair

We cre­ate our own cus­tom molds and coils to ensure exact OEM spec­i­fi­ca­tions. The major­i­ty of coils we repair are encap­su­lat­ed to pro­tect from mechan­i­cal damage.

Parts washing service

We are using Mard Cyclone 30 Part Wash­er for clean­ing all motors and parts we repair.

Epoxy Emulsion

All our wind­ings are impreg­nat­ed with Elan­tas PDG ELAN-Guard EM 59–50MR epoxy emul­sion as a high grade elec­tri­cal insulation.

We repair and remanufacture industrial AC and DC electric motors up to 250 hp.

Wind­ing, dynam­ic bal­anc­ing, machin­ing — every­thing in house! One year war­ran­ty. Free deliv­ery with­in 50 miles radius from Bloom­ing­dale, Illinois. 

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